Interstate - The Exhibition

Interstate is an extended project which addresses two concerns not often conjoined: randomness - as both subject and compositional tool - and the interstate highway system. For a full explanation of the project, click here.

Briefly, Interstate starts with 169 images of interstates and other major highways downloaded from the Internet, only a relative few by those who would self-identify as photographers. These were then subject to three random processes: 1) for the order of the images, 2) for the center of the selection area in each image, and 3) for the size of the selection (field of view). For the exhibition, these are then pasted onto a 13" x 19" sheet in a matrix of 24 images. A full series of 168 images is contained on seven sheets.

The series was run 10 times.

Each of the series and the source images are displayed below. Click on each series to see the individual sheets.  Use the size buttons to properly frame it on your screen.

In a gallery installation the 10 series are arrayed horizontally, 7 panels wide x 5 panels high on the same or facing walls. Each of the 70 sheets is individually framed. This expanse enables an involvement in the images, an appreciation of randomness and the dynamics of pattern formation which do not well translate to the more constrained space of the computer screen. The image below is a sketch for one possible exhibition layout in a space with a 30' wide wall and high ceilings. Not shown are panels on the side wall which are the source images and photo credits. 

Interstate in book form takes a different strategy. A simulation of the eBook can be found on this site here


For best viewing, resize this page so that all 7 sheets appear in a single line (command or ctl +/-, depending on your system). Then click on a series to see the individual sheets. 











Source Images

Photo Credits

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