This site describes a number of my photographic and installation projects from 2012 to the present. They reflect my interest in chaos: randomness, complexity, and chance as well as my highly ambivalent relationship with the photographic subject. My interest lies mostly in the forces acting upon the subject rather than the ostensible subject itself.

"Moment" is the umbrella title for a range of projects, all employing detection of background radiation as a means to engage real-world randomness. It encompasses gallery and public space installation works, photographs and slide shows. "Moment" is very much in process. Be sure to view the explanatory video in the "Moment" section. "The Chaos Project"  maps environmental radiation to two dimensional imagery.

"Mapping the Coronavirus Genome"  is a recent and ongoing project (from late April 2020) begun during the lockdown of New York City.

"Rues banales parisiennes" (best translated as "Unremarkable Paris Streets") is a recent project in its early stages, growing out of the work on randomness. In it, I seek to explore the difficult, intangible and nearly unapproachable quality of banality as a photographic subject.

"Random Elements" is a continuing series of photographs reflecting these concerns.

"40 Arguments"  is a set of dual image compositions derived from the Random Elements series and is intended to see whether the denotative subject of a photograph (i.e. the explicit subject) can easily be displaced by other elements at work in a photograph.

"Interstate," an investigation of randomness and the found-image iconography of major highways, exists in two forms: as a physical book and a 70-print exhibition intended for gallery walls. 

See the individual galleries for more detailed information. 

I would love to hear your reactions and conduct correspondence with others working with similar concerns. Please use the "contact" button on the left to reach me.

Moment: Marais, a Project for the Nuit Blanche 2016, Paris

The Moment Project

Moment - Project Overview

The Chaos Project

Moment - Installations & Sketches

Moment - Still Photographic Work

Mapping the Coronavirus Genome

Rues banales parisiennes


The Exhibition

The Book

Random Elements Project

Random Elements Series

45 Arguments

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