45 Arguments

45 Arguments is a series of dual-image compositions drawn from a series of photographs whose common aspect is that they all contain some sort of random element, even if (and often because) it is incidental to the image's ostensible subject. It is this displacement of subject which  interests me, but as it is nearly intangible in many images, I thought it appropriate to set up a dialog between images, however ambiguous the relationships between two images might be, so as to reinforce their obscure common aspect.

Thus was born 45 Arguments. "Argument" in the philosophical sense of course, each composition potentially a demonstration of the synthetic relationship between an ambiguous subject and the photograph's reception by the viewer.

It seems to me that these arguments required a studied neutrality. Rather than intentionally constructing them, I preferred to use a methodology avoiding matters of taste, intuition and personal volition in the images' justaposition, which has the advantage of making the experience of these images as much a discovery for me as for anyone else.  

The methodology was simple: the images were chosen and located top or bottom by running multiple sets of random numbers. Any results which were duplicative of earlier selections were excluded, as were several where a literal reading of the juxtaposition was too superficially apparent. 45 is simply where I decided to stop. 

45 Arguments is printed in 13" x 19" and 24" x 35" versions. They are intended to be shown both individually and in series.

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