Month 3 Color References

These are the works underlying Month 3 of The Chaos Project.

Each day's map employs a color palette sampled from a significant painting. Aside from taste, there were two pre-conditions for the selection of a work: 1) the availability of a high-quality down-loadable photograph, and 2) that the work be on view so that I could color correct the photograph to match viewing conditions (the values of the museums' downloadable images vary considerably in their fidelity). These two conditions dictated that all works were within major museums and would not include the most contemporary work. All images are from the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art. (Incidentally, and perhaps it says something about his palette, it was impossible to color match any Poussin available to me in New York.) 

20 color samples were taken from each work with the exception of Mondrian's "Broadway Boogie Woogie" which contains only five values. Those values were assigned to each event as defined by the mapping algorithm. 

For a closer view of the works, click on the sheet for a full-screen view and then use the size button on the lower right to enlarge the image. 

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