Twenty-Four Hours Ambient: June 30, 2016

Twenty-Four Hours Ambient is an extension of the 10 Minutes Ambient series. Here, the mapping is of one day of ambient radiation, June 30, 2016, in my studio in Downtown Brooklyn. As in all the 10 Minutes Ambient works, the focus is on the reception of similarity and difference in an entropic environment.

This work exists in both exhibition and book form. The exhibition consists of 24 19" x 13" sheets. A mock-up of the book is linked to on this page. 

For further information, see particularly the introduction to the book. A pdf of that text can be viewed and downloaded at this link

Some of the image files are quite large and may take a few moments to load.

Untitled photo

Midnight - 1am

1am - 2am

2am - 3am

3am - 4am

4am - 5am

5am - 6am

6am - 7am

7am - 8am

8am - 9am

9am - 10am

10am - 11am

11am - 12pm

12pm - 1pm

1pm - 2pm

2pm - 3pm

3pm - 4pm

4pm - 5pm

5pm - 6pm

6pm - 7pm

7pm - 8pm

8pm - 9pm

9pm - 10pm

10pm - 11pm

11pm - midnight

Installation View

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