The Chaos Project

The Chaos Project is the umbrella name for multiple paths through the visualization of elementary chaos, realized from the detection of the ambient radiation field. It is closely linked to my interest in the visual reception of “open fields,” providing me a means to explore certain types of imagery. It is equally connected to radioactive decay as a direct expression of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (for more on this, see the essay for "24 Hours Ambient - The Book").

It started with the series “10 Minutes Ambient" for which I took daily 10-minute samples (from 9am to 9:10am) for a period of one year from April 3, 2016 - April 2, 2017. Each month is then mapped according to a different visual treatment, often in multiple modalities (day, week or entire month in single images). 

Out of Series works are subsequent to "10 Minutes Ambient" and are less constrained in their visual and technical parameters. This work is in process.

"A Year of Autumns" is a spin-off from this, where I wanted to work with color from the natural world.

The project "Twenty-Four Hours Ambient: June 30, 2016" consists of 24 vector maps on 24 13" x 19" inkjet prints and in book form of a sampled 24-hour period. The book includes an essay on the project, which is reproduced on this site and is available for download at this link.

I consider this to be simultaneously photography on the photon level and a metaphor for same. All photography begins with the intersection of energy with a sensitive element. This encoding is then processed within a defined system ending in the synthesis of an image. In optical photography, light's intersection with a photo-sensitive surface over a controlled duration is mediated through carefully engineered electronic or chemical processes. In digital cameras, this is accomplished by carefully defined algorithms within the camera; in chemical photography those “algorithms” are determined in the manufacturing process.

In the Chaos Project, naturally occurring beta and gamma particles' intersection with the detectors' sensitive tubes over a pre-determined duration is mapped according to a defined algorithm. These three systems operate within a phenomenal structure that underlies the nature of documentation, of works and processes based upon real events. It is in this spirit that I make these maps.

Out of Series

10 Minutes Ambient

A Year of Autumns

24 Hours Ambient - Prints

24 Hours Ambient - The Book

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