Moment - Installations and Sketches

Many of the images on these pages are digital renderings serving as sketches for installation versions of "Moment". All employ radiation detectors triggering  light sources. Some use 300 watt clear incandescent bulbs in porcelain sockets which, upon the detection of radiation, flash on for about 1/4 second. Others use modified commercially-available light fixtures whose bulbs are replaced with arrays of high-intensity LEDs whose flash is much briefer. Both versions are very bright, visible even in sunlight. The installation is silent; there is no accompanying sound.

Note that the rendered images do not really give an accurate rendition of the appearance, as they simulate every illuminated lamp at full brightness, while at any moment some lamps will just be illuminating, others fading to orange, others at their peak. Moreover, these renderings do not reflect the bulbs' intricate filament structure.  See the video on the preceding page for a better sense of the visual dynamics, even if the video cannot represent the intense brightness and punch of the direct experience. 

Each version of the installation is necessarily site specific and scalable, based upon the dimensions and ambient conditions of the available space.

Click on the images below for more information about the installations. 

(Stand by for additional versions of "Moment" for both interior and exterior spaces.)

Moment: Marais

Moment: 537 Broadway

Moment: Pont des Arts

Moment: NYPL

Moment: Everyday Life

Moment Sketch: Plinths

Moment Sketch: Platform

Moment Sketch: Wall Mount Fixtures

Moment Sketch: Ceiling Spotlights

Moment Sketch: Wall-Mounted Domes

Moment Sketch: Columns

Moment: Memory

Empty Pr(oe)mises

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