Moment - Project Overview

“Moment” is the umbrella name for a range of projects - photographic and installation - which employ background radiation as the work's primary source. Here, geiger counters sensitive to beta and gamma radiation enable the introduction of true unsimulated randomness and real-world events into the work. Each time a beta particle or gamma photon enters the Geiger-Mûller tube, a signal is generated which causes a light to flash.

In the installations shown here, each lamp is connected to a separate radiation detector, independent of all others. While the radiation is inherently random, on average each lamp will trigger 20 - 25 times per minute.

"Moment" introduces no radiation into the environment; it simply detects that which is already there. The radiation involved is overwhelmingly from natural sources, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, omnipresent and eternal in our environment. The intention behind the work is emphatically not about threat, menace or environmental degradation.

This is very much a project in process. Look here for frequent changes and additions. 

The Moment Project Explained (no sound)

Installations and Sketches

The Chaos Project

Still Photographic Work

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