Random Elements

Random Elements is the overall name for a continuing photographic series primarily concerned with the effects of random, unintentional or chance forces. In effect, the subject of the work is not the ostensible one - the pictured object - but these ulterior concerns: the uncontrolled and largely uncontrollable forces at work on the object and the visual manifestation of those forces so that they become fully appreciable by the viewer. For the most part, the subjects are banal, commonplace and well outside any "decisive moment" that might impart significance to objects and events in themselves. 

The majority of images tend to belong to three broad categories:

The Street, because that's where we largely spend our lives.

Mushrooms and fungi: My interest is not in the mushrooms themselves, but in the unpredictability of their appearance within the complex random environments in which they grow. The mushroom itself is used as a centering mechanism for the composition, so as to constrain taste and personal volition in the exploration of randomness within diffuse visual fields. This is largely imagery without an explicit subject; in many cases, the mushroom itself - the ostensible subject - is barely visible. This is not irony but simply an artifact of the working method.

Artworks and public monuments, mostly centuries-old objects, because they have subsumed the vagaries of time and varied environmental conditions.  While these subjects are in themselves anything but banal, my real interest is in the dynamic of the interplay of the ostensible and ulterior subjects.

Note that the photographs bear no titles. Their enumeration (Random Elements #1, et. al.) is derived from a random series so as to neither group them nor to establish precedence. 

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